Instructions for Translators

I'd like to have translations of the QOTW web pages into as many languages as possible. At present, I have:

If you're interested in producing another translation, here's what you should do:

  1. The main QOTW page is generated dynamically from a template, and rebuilt whenever a message goes out to the perl-qotw mailing list. You should translate the template rather than the resulting HTML page.

  2. Tell me how to format the dates. I need dates that are analogous to Thu Nov 7 07:03:26 2002 and Wed Nov 13. You do not need to provide translations of day and month names; the template-filling program takes care of that automatically.

  3. Tell me how to label the link from the other pages to your page. This should be the name of your language in your language. (For example, Français, Español, etc.)

  4. If your translation is presented in a character set other than ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) tell me what character set it is in.

  5. Give me a name to use in place of fred in

  6. Translate the following announcement:

    The QOTW web pages are now available in Xxxxxish. The translation was kindly provided by your name here. See


    or, if your browser does not display the correct page,


  7. (Optional) Translate the why wait? page. This is a static page; no template-filling is done.

  8. (Optional) Translate the volunteer page. This is a static page; no template-filling is done.

Send it all to me at

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