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print: File conversion

        # If a file is printable, it will have this type.
        # 'printable' means that it can be sent directly to the printer.
        # Other file types will have to be converted to this type first.
        printable       pcl
        # If we can't figure out what type a file has, we will assume it is
        # this type:
        default_suffix  txt
        # This says how to convert files of certain types where we don't know
        # in advance what the result will be.  For example, if we find a 
        # gzip-compressed file, we know we should uncompress it, but then we 
        # need to look at the result to decide what to do next.
        gz->???         gzip -dc %I > %O
        Z->???          gzip -dc %I > %O

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