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print: File conversion

        # This says how to convert files of one type to another type
        # The 'print' command will automatically find the shortest sequence
        # of transformations for turning the source file into a printable file.
        # The usual suspects
        ps->pcl         gs -sDEVICE=ljet4 -sOutputFile=%O -q -dNOPAUSE -dSAFER %I </dev/null >/dev/null
        dvi->ps         dvips -o %O %I
        dvi->pcl        dvilj4 -e%O %I
        # latex->dvi      latex  --interaction=batchmode %I; rm %I:.aux %I:.log; mv %I:.dvi %O; 
        latex->dvi      cd `dirname %I`; mv %I %I:.tex; latex --interaction=batchmode %I:.tex ||  cat %I:.log; mv %I:.dvi %O; rm -f %I:.aux %I:.log %I:.tex
        tex->dvi        tex %I; rm `basename %I .tex`.aux `basename %I .tex`.log; mv `basename %I .tex`.dvi %O; 
        texi->dvi       tex %I; mv `basename %I .tex`.dvi %O
        txt->ps         txttops < %I > %O 2> /dev/null
        pdf->ps         /src/xpdf-0.90/xpdf/pdftops %I %O
        # Various image types
        jpg->ppm        djpeg %I > %O
        gif->ppm        giftopnm < %I > %O
        ppm->ps         pnmtops < %I > %O
        ppm->pcl        ppmtolj -delta -resolution 600 %I > %O

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