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addup Add up a column of numberslocaltime Interpret Unix epoch timespsgrep ps | grep
attach Send email with MIME attachmentslocate Locate any file on the systemrunN run multiple commands in parallel
count Number of occurrences of each line in inputlr Statistics and linear regressionsortby Sort the contents of an email folder
f Replacement for awkmark Manage colections of email messagessw Run a job in the background, 21st-century style
forge Forge email messagesMH (About the MH mail system)tail General notes about tail
ftail Follow a changing log filepgrep Replacement for grepticker Track the size of a growing file
getstore Retrieve and save a web documentprintd Replacement for Berkeley lpdunrecv Make email message archives smaller
imgdiff Display differences between two JPEG filespsgrep ps | grep   

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