The Perl Hardware Store

(Tools You Didn't Know You Needed)

Length: 45 minutes


Six useful Perl tools that you probably didn't know you needed.

Complete Slides

  1. The Perl Hardware Store
  2. Teflon Tape
  3. Schwartzian Transform
  4. Schwartzian Transform
  5. @names = readdir D;
  6. Short Version
  7. Schwartzian Transform
  8. Manual Exporting
  9. Simple Example
  10. Simple Example
  11. A Module That Exports a Function
  12. A Module That Exports a Function
  13. Constants
  14. Exporting Variables
  15. Exporting Variables II
  16. What does this do?
  17. Clone the Exporter
  18. Adding a new Method to a Package
  19. Adding a new Method to a Package
  20. Semaphore Files
  21. if (something()) {
  22. $FILE = '/data/hitcounter';
  23. Memoizing
  24. o Pure functions get faster when you _memoize_ them.
  25. Highly Recursive Functions
  26. Automatic Memoization
  27. Functions that Take a Long Time to Compute
  28. Execution Profiling
  29. o Suppose you think that f is a likely candidate for optimization
  30. `Orcish Maneuver'
  31. o Suppose you have a list of 1,000 strings
  32. o Another solution: Memoize date-to-number conversion function:
  33. o You often want to speed up sort comparators
  34. { my %cache;
  35. Dynamic Programming
  36. Partition Problem
  37. o Recursive function gets a list of numbers and a target sum and solves problem:
  38. o T([8,2,7,3,10], 15) does indeed return (2,3,10)
  39. Ouch

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