The Perl Hardware Store ( Version)

Length: 90 minutes


Twelve useful Perl tools that you probably didn't know you needed. This talk is a revised, combined version of my two earlier Perl Hardware Store talks.

Complete Slides

  1. The Perl Hardware Store 2003
  2. Teflon Tape
  3. Schwartzian Transform
  4. Manual Exporting
  5. Simple Example
  6. A Module That Exports a Function
  7. Constants
  8. Read-Only Constants Continued
  9. Forced Importing / Aliasing
  10. Magical Variables
  11. Magical Exporter Variable
  12. Clone the Exporter
  13. Adding a new Method to a Package
  14. Semaphore Files
  15. Caching
  16. Highly Recursive Functions
  17. Caching Fixes Recursion
  18. Automatic Caching
  19. Caching Fixes Recursion
  20. Treasure Division
  21. Caching Fixes Recursion
  22. Dynamic Programming
  23. Memoizing
  24. The Indirect Sort
  25. The Indirect Indirect Sort
  26. A Function With Two Names
  27. The Stub Slice
  28. Glob objects
  29. Globjects
  30. Globject Sigils
  31. Autocroaking
  32. Self-Replacing Stub
  33. Reference Operations
  35. Syntactic Sugar
  36. Thank You

tgz file of the entire talk

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