Advanced Topics in Perl

Length: 3-5 days

Prerequisites: Students in this class should already have been programming in Perl for at least a year.


Advanced Topics in Perl covers the construction and operations of modules, the Exporter, Perl's namespace structure, object-oriented programming, advanced use of subroutines, exception handling, the debugger, and the Perl symbol table. It overlaps Intermediate Topics in Perl and Object-Oriented Programming. Longer versions incorporate the short Regular Expression Mastery class.

The outline below takes four and a half days to complete. If desired, section V , XIII, or both may be omitted, to produce a shorter class; Regular Expression Mastery can be added toward the end, to produce a longer class; and a sped-up, labless version of Hands-On Introduction to Perl can be added at the beginning as a refresher for programmers whose Perl is rusty.

As with all my classes, Advanced Topics in Perl can be custom-tailored to suit your students and your schedule. I will work with you to develop a curriculum that meets the goals of your training.

Advanced Topics in Perl was designed for intermediate and experienced Perl programmers who want to take the next step and become experts.


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