Intermediate Topics in Perl

(Using and Building Modules)

Length: 2-3 days

Prerequisites: Students in this class should have had several months of experience programming in Perl regularly.


The class covers essential skills for developing software in industry, particularly in group projects. We begin with a thorough examiation of the use of references in Perl, and especially of their applications in building complex data structures. The middle of the class introduces modules, looks at the most useful of Perl's standard modules, and them moves on to the nonstandard modules that are available on CPAN, the comprehensive Perl archive network. (Most of these 'nonstandard' modules have in fact become standard in the most recent version of Perl.) The class then looks at how modules work and shows students how to build their own modules, including a complete examination of Perl's Exporter utility. Finally, the class ends with an examination of Perl's facilities for automatic regression testing and an introduction to the use of the Perl built-in debugger.


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