Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags

Code Review World Tour

To do this book right, I need real examples of real code that other people wrote. I have about half the examples that I need. I hope that the Perl community can provide the other half.

For the next year, I'll be travelling around speaking to Perl Mongers groups about Perl Program Repair and Red Flags. I'd like to give about one talk each month through 2006.

What I hope will happen is:

  1. A Perl Mongers group will invite me to come speak
  2. Some of the group members will send me some example code ahead of time
  3. I read over the code
  4. I write up a talk about how I think it could be improved
  5. I visit the group and give the talk
  6. I go home again
  7. I write up a book chapter about the code, incorporating the points that the PM group raised when I gave the talk.

How to invite me

Send mail to

What it costs

Nothing. But I'd be really grateful if you would pass the hat to help cover my travel expenses.

How to contribute

Details are here.

Current Schedule


Send them to

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