Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags

Please Contribute Code!

To do this right, I need real examples of real code that other people wrote. I have about half the examples that I need. I hope that the Perl community can provide the other half.

What you get out of it

If I use your code in the book, you will receive:

  1. A reviewed, improved, debugged version of your program
  2. My personal gratitude
  3. A free copy of the book, once it's published
  4. Your choice of:
    1. Full credit in the preface of the book, identifying you by name and the code that you contributed, or
    2. Credit in the preface of the book, identifying you by name, but not what code you contributed, or
    3. No credit at all and my solemn promise never to reveal your identity


By sending me your code, you are giving me permission to use it in the book and in related talks and classes in any way I see fit. If you don't want me to use it, don't send it.

What I Need

How to contribute

Send code to

If you're sending code because I'm going to give a talk in your city or for your Perl Mongers group, tell me where you live so that I don't accidentally use your code in the wrong place!

Don't forget to tell me if you want me to keep your submission anonymous or not. You have three choices: I keep you completely anonymous; I credit you in the preface of the book without saying which contribution is yours; or I give you full credit.


Send them to

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