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Building the locate database

     my @COMMAND =  ('find', $ROOT);
     push @COMMAND, ('-path', $_, '-prune', '-o' ) for @PRUNE;
     push @COMMAND, '-print';
     open F, "> $OUTPUT" or die "$0: Couldn't open database file $OUTPUT: $!\n";
     open STDOUT, ">&F" or die "$0: Couldn't dup to stdout: $!\n";
     open SAVESTDERR, ">&STDERR" or die "$0: Couldn't dup to stderr: $!\n";
     open STDERR, "> /dev/null" or die "$0: Couldn't discard stderr: $!\n";
     close F;
     exec @COMMAND;
     print SAVESTDERR "$0: Couldn't run 'find' command:\n\t@COMMAND\n\t$!\n"; 
     exit 1;

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