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addup Add up a column of numberslocaltime Interpret Unix epoch timesrunN Run multiple commands in parallel
attach Send email with MIME attachmentslocate Locate any file on the systemseating Format a seating chart
count Number of occurrences of each line in inputlr Statistics and linear regressionsortby Sort the contents of an email folder
f Replacement for awkmark Manage colections of email messagesssh-host Automatic aliases for ssh
forge Forge email messagesMH (About the MH mail system)sw Run a job in the background, 21st-century style
ftail Follow a changing log filepgrep Replacement for greptail General notes about tail
getstore Retrieve and save a web documentplover Log in to plover.comticker Track the size of a growing file
imgdiff Display differences between two JPEG filesprintd Replacement for Berkeley lpdunrecv Make email message archives smaller
ineachdir Run a command in every subdirectorypsgrep ps | grep   

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