M-J. Dominus at The Perl Conferences


In 1998 I was at the Second Annual O'Reilly and Associates Perl Conference. I did three different things:

  1. I taught a tutorial on WWW security
  2. I gave an invited talk called The Perl Hardware Store
  3. I did a guru-is-in session.

The complete report discusses all those things.

Notes for the Hardware Store talk are on-line.


In 1999, I'll be returning to do several more things:

  1. I'll be doing three tutorials:
    1. A compressed version of the web security tutorial.
    2. A half day tutorial about regexes. (I'm replacing Jeffrey Friedl, insofar as that is actually possible.)
    3. A half day tutorial called Tricks of the Wizards or something like that.
  2. I'll be returning with part II of The Perl Hardware Store. I'll also get to give part I over again for the people who didn't get to it last year. Gnat says he's giving me a full hour and a half. I haven't figured out part II yet, but full notes for part I are available online.
  3. They'll probably talk me into another guru session. In fact, this may already have happened. I forget.
  4. News Flash: Contrary to some information disseminated by O'Reilly, I will not be participating in the `Perl Town Meeting'. According to O'Reilly:
    In the closing session of the conference, the leaders of the Perl community discuss the future with each other and the audience. Your questions and concerns will help drive future development of Perl.

    Well, guess what? I'm not a leader of the community and I have no influence at all on the future development of Perl. And nobody asked me to participate; they just stuck my name on it.

I'll be giving all three tutorials in Boston in April, and in Santa Clara in May. I'll also be giving the Regex tutorial at YAPC in Pittsburgh in June. Here's the 1999 overview page.

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