M-J. Dominus at The Third Perl Conference (1999)

In 1999, I'll be returning to the O'Reilly Perl conference to give three classes and two talks. Full details about the other stuff probably won't show up here until after the conference is over. However, there are some exceptions, and partial details are available now.


Web Security

O'Reilly only

I'll be giving a compressed version of last year's web security tutorial. Last year's lasted a full day, about six hours; this year I'll cut it down to three hours and squeeze out some of the things that people didn't care for last time. The outline and details will appear here when they're ready, probably some time around the middle of March. In the meantime, you can see the outline of last year's tutorial.

Regular Expressions

O'Reilly and YAPC

Jeffrey Friedl didn't want to come back this year, so I'll be doing a three-hour regexes tutorial. Detailed information is now available..

Tricks of the Wizards

O'Reilly only

This one is totally new. Detailed information is now available..

Invited Talks

The Perl Hardware Store

O'Reilly and YAPC

This is a repeat of last year's talk, which was very popular.

Return to the Perl Hardware Store

O'Reilly only

I've been invited back to give my popular Perl Hardware Store talk again, and also to give a sequel talk, Return of the Perl Hardware Store. What will the new talk be about? More of the same:

  1. Teflon Tape
  2. The Indirect Sort
  3. A Function With Two Names
  4. The Stub Slice
  5. Glob objects
  6. Autocroaking
  7. Reference Operations
  8. Interpolation.pm
  9. Syntactic Sugar
  10. Iterators

In short, it will be another bag of tools, some small and some large, for doing handy jobs, some of which you might not have known you could do. Last year, tools; this year, more tools.

Complete notes for last year's talk are on-line, as are slides from last year and slides from this year.

New News

They have a much better promotional picture this year than they did last year. Last year I went to the passport photo place and had them photograph me, and I was in a really lousy mood for some reason. And as you know international law requires that everyone look like a drugg smugler on their passport. The when ORA asked me for the picture, I took the grimmest-looking of the ones I had, because I was teaching a security class and I didn't want anyone to think I didn't take it seriously enough. So it looked like this.

This year they're using a new picture. They had it taken by a competent photographer, and it was at the very end of last year's conference, so I felt great. As a result, I look a lot better.

My Guru Hat will be making a return appearance this year.

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