Twelve Views of Mark Jason Dominus

(12 lightning talks in a row)

Length: 45-60 minutes


I give twelve five-minute talks in a row. Talk content varies, but in the past has included the items listed here. I've also given 45-minute versions of this presentation which omitted three of the items.

The talk title was selected by Nat Torkington, the program committee chair at the O'Reilly Perl Conference. I would not have chosen anything so obviously self-absorbed.

The materials are not online because I didn't think they were effective on the web. As I've become a better presenter, I've found that my class materials have worked less and less well when dumped onto my web site. However, this talk is a lot of fun and has been a huge success. If your Perl Mongers group wants me to come speak, consider having me give this talk.


  1. The coolest Perl project I ever did
  2. On forking and unnecessary shell calls
  3. Releasing new versions of modules
  4. The failure of subclassing
  5. Why I hate strict
  6. Getting Help from Strangers
  7. How to Progress
  8. NP-Complete Problems
  9. On Fish
  10. Why Lisp Will Never Win
  11. On "Strongly Typed" Languages
  12. A Message for the Aliens

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