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Some acctsrvcs tests

     my $N = 14;
     ok($a->follow_link(text_regex => qr/main menu/i), "back to main menu");
     ok($a->follow_link(text_regex => qr/spam filtering/i), "back to spam menu");
     like($a->content, qr/<h3>Spam filtering options:<\/h3>/, "Spam menu");
     like($a->content, qr/are older than $N days/, "main page setting is $N");
     is(Penn::ISC::SpamDB->new->get_user('netmon')->expire, $N, "database modified");
          qr(This folder is automatically maintained),
          "generic maintenance message");
     like($a->content, qr/older than $N days are removed nightly/,
         "$N mention #1");
     like($a->content, qr/less than $N days old/,
         "$N mention #2");
     like($a->content, qr/older than $N days\./,
         "$N mention #3");

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