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Length: 3 hours


Over the years, I have built up a large collection of handy utilities in Perl. I'll take you on a tour of these utilities and show you what they do and how they work.

Class content varies, but will include at least some of the following:

Version 0.3 of Jan 2010 includes runN.


I tried something new in this class. Instead of running through the slides in a pre-determined order, I made up a master menu of class sections, and had the audience members raise their hands to express interest in each section. Then I tried to do the sections more or less in order by what was considered interesting.

Master Menu

But it also works to read the slides in order, starting from slide #1, in which case what you will see is:

Source code

Since the point of the class is to discuss my (frequently rather crappy) source code, attendees got a handout with the complete source code under discussion.

Browse complete source code directory

Download .tgz file (15kb) .zip file (21 kb)

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