Trivial utilities for fun and profit

Length: 1 hour


For this talk, I started with three-hour conference presentation called Welcome to my ~/bin. That presentation was in many small pieces, and I selected some of the smaller, simpler pieces, and and added a bunch of new items just for PLUG, to make a new talk with an emphasis on the usefulness of absurdly small utilities. I explained a few of the items and then invited the audience to choose the remainder.


Here's the menu of everything for which I had materials available:

Master Menu

But what I actually covered in the talk was: And a couple of items for which I had no slides prepared, but talked about the source code anyway:

I think that is most of it, but I forget all the stuff I actually talked about; if you were at the talk and are looking for something I forgot to link, drop me a note and I'll find it for you.

Source code

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