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Globject Sigils

This slide is only here so that it will get into your printed notes. Unfortunately, I screwed up the printed version. Duhhhhhh.

If $self is a blessed reference to a glob, then:

        $self              filehandle / dirhandle
        ${*$self}          scalar
        @{*$self}          array
        $#{*$self}         array size
        *$self->[...]      array element
        ${*$self}[...]     array element
        @{*$self}[...]     array slice
        %{*$self}          hash
        *$self->{...}      hash element
        ${*$self}{...}     hash element
        %{*$self}{...}     hash slice
        $self->method(...) call a method
        *$self->(...)      call the function

The pattern here: If $self is a globref, then {*$self} is syntactically just like a Reference.

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