Join my Army of Git Zombies!

Length: 60 minutes


These slides were intended to accompany a very short introduction to the Git version control system and its internals, but most of the content was ad-libbed demonstrations of the commands and their effects on the repository, so the slides may not be very much use. In fact, the attendees at the conference did not see most of the slides because I spent so much time adlibbing.

I delivered this talk at FOSSCON 2011 in Philadelphia.

Table of contents

  1. Join my army of Git zombies!
  2. #IMG# safety.gif
  3. Join my army of Git zombies!
  4. What's Git for?
  5. What's Git for?
  6. Snapshots
  7. Let's make a commit
  8. The working tree
  9. Another commit
  10. The log
  11. Now we'll get technical
  12. Let's poke around in the repository a little
  13. You have got to be kidding me
  14. HEAD
  15. HEAD
  16. Branches
  17. Branches
  18. Branches
  19. Merging branches
  20. What is this git add all about?
  21. Big whoop
  22. git rebase
  23. Thank you!

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