File Locking Tricks and Traps

Length: 15 minutes


This short talk presents several common pitfalls of file locking and a few useful tricks for using file locking more effectively. I prepared it for the Philadelphia area Linux Users' Group in March 2003. Unfortunately, I prepared 15 minutes' worth of material for a 10 minute talk.

Complete Slides

  1. File Locking
  2. File Locking
  3. Typical Use of File Locking
  4. Trap #1: LOCK_UN
  5. Trick #1: Unlocking
  6. Trick #2: Only one process running at a time
  7. Trap #2: Failing to check for failure
  8. Trick #3: Warning when Waiting
  9. Trap #3: Shutting the Barn Door etc.
  10. Trap #3: Shutting the Barn Door etc.
  11. Trap #3: Shutting the Barn Door etc.
  12. Thank You!

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