Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags I

Usually I like to provide a class outline on my web site. But a detailed outline doesn't do represent this class well because the class is not hierarchically organized.

I typically cover two to four real programs and work them over in detail, pointing out the problems and showing how to fix them. Some problems appear early on and then recur in other programs so that the class builds up several themes simultaneously. Major themes include:

Course content changes every time I give the class. At present, Red Flags I covers a utility for merging reports together, a program for doing recursive directory copy, and a large collection of assorted fragments. Red Flags II covers a utility for cleaning up an upload directory, a program to alter the format of a bio-informatic data file, and a CGI tic-tac-toe program. Other code I've discussed in the past has included a CD jukebox interface program, a program for extracting unique records from a log file, and a collection of examples of how if-else blocks can go wrong. I'm presently preparing new material examining a function written by a famous Perl expert.

All code is guaranteed genuine---no contrived or fake examples. The problems I discuss are all problems you will see in real code, because I see them over and over in real code.

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