CGI Programming with Perl

Length: 3-5 days

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with the basic use of Perl. If the students are regular Perl users, we can skip the one-day refresher course.


A comprehensive treatment of the development of applications that deliver dynamic content on the World-Wide Web. All the important issues are discussed, including simple forms, multistage forms, application persistence, SQL database access, concurrency issues, and authentication, cryptography, and security.

On the first and second days, I solicit requests from the students in the class about what topics they would like to see covered. I add some important topics that I have prepared already; then we vote on what we will cover during the last day or two. I select the topics to be covered at the end based partly on importance, partly on popularity, and partly on length. During the next day or two, I prepare or assemble material on these topics.

Like all my classes, the length and content of this class can be adjusted to your specifications.


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