I found the best anagrams in English!!

Length: 10 minutes


In 1991 I built a list of all the anagrams in the dictionary. The results were a giant file of many uninteresting anagrams, so I wanted a way to filter out the boring ones. My idea worked and I found what is surely the best signle anagram in English. But the program took a couple of hours to run.

Many years later I learned a better algorithm, which I implemented. It took only three seconds to run! I'll explain the two algorithms and discuss the surprising results.

This talk was written for !!Con 2017

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At some point I hope to write up the notes about the talk and explain what the slides are actually about. Also all the stuff I had to leave out to get the talk down to ten minutes. (Er, twelve minutes, cough cough.)

The talk was based on a series of three blog posts I wrote in February 2017:

  1. I found the best anagram in English
  2. Moore's law beats a better algorithm
  3. Miscellaneous addenda
The blog posts may be easier to follow than the talk slides.

The talk was recorded by Confreaks. You can view the recording on their web site.

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