Twelve Views of Mark Jason Dominus

Length: 60 minutes


For 2003 OSCON I proposed to give nine five-minute talks in a 45-minute slot. To avoid confusing this with the real lightning talks sessions, Nat decided to call my talk ``Nine Views of Mark Jason Dominus''. At first I didn't like that title, which sounded too much like self-promotion. But I warmed up to it after a while and included various pictures (views) of myself in between the nine talks.

Before I wrote the talk, I was invited to give it at YAPC::Israel in a one-hour slot. So I wrote twelve short talks, and then for OSCON I cut out talks 2, 7, and 11. This is the long version.

The talk is accompanied by detailed notes. The notes are intended to reproduce something like what I might have said during the talk. The notes will probably not make sense without the slides, and the slides will probably not make sense without the notes, so you should read the notes concurrently with the slides. Each slide is linked to the relevant part of the notes, and vice versa.

Complete Slides

Twelve Views of Mark Jason Dominus
  1. The Coolest Perl Project I Ever Did
  2. On Forking
  3. New Versions
  4. Subclassing
  5. Getting Help from Strangers
  6. How to Progress
  7. NP-Complete Problems
  8. Why I Hate strict
  9. On Fish
  10. Why Lisp Will Never Win
  11. On "Strongly Typed" Languages
  12. A Message for the Aliens

Detailed Notes

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