Lightning Talks at YAPC 2002

We will have 16 lightning talks at YAPC 2002 in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Submissions are closed. Here is the schedule. This isn't the schedule we followed exactly; there were (as usual) a number of last-minute changes. This page will have links to authors' talk materials as they become available.

Why We Need Perl6
Adam Turoff

Easy Parsing with Getopt::Declare
Tim Maher

"Design Patterns" Aren't
Mark Jason Dominus

How to Get Started Testing for CPAN
Brian King

CPAN is Unusable
David W. Crawford

On Beyond Perl V (if Dr. Seuss were a Perl 6 hacker)
Allison Randal

(Short break)

Geek Culture Considered Harmful
Andy Lester

The Comp::Bio Module
Sean Quinlan

Mapping a Website Using Perl
R. Lonstein

Observations on build time and tarball size

A [Very] Brief Intro to SNMP::Multi
Joshua Keroes

Five Steps to Better Perl
Adam Turoff

View from the trenches: some lessons learned building a moderately large OOPerl application with persistent objects
Dana Hudes

A Cartoon Guide to Perl
Nathan Torkington

Algorithmic Rhyming and 'The Name Game'
Tim Maher

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