Lightning Talk schedule for YAPC 2001

This is the schedule of talks as they were actually given.

Regrettably, nobody submitted a proposal for a talk to be given in French.

(Approximate start times) appear in parentheses.

How OOP is like Japanese food
Sean M. Burke (11:02)

Parsing with regexes and Parse::RecDescent -- which one to use
Joe Davidson (11:07)

Who talks (to who) - and how much
Gene Boggs (11:12)

perl users unite: using our power for freedom in a less than freeware world
guinevere liberty (11:17)

Examining Fossilized Code
Uri Guttman (11:23)

A Do-It-Yourself Archive for Mailing Lists (Code, documentation, and sample data)
Jim Keenan (11:28)

Creepy Crawlies
Robert Spier (11:33)

The 80/20 Irony
Nathan Torkington (11:38)

(Short break)

My modules: mine, mine, all mine
Dave Rolsky (11:44)

The Everything Engine, a mod_perl web development environment
Nathan Oostendorp (11:49)

CGI::Application, A Framework for Web Applications
William R. Rico (11:54)

Aspects in Perl
Marcel Grunauer (11:59)

Object concurrency in Perl with Concurrent::Object
Vipul Ved Prakash (12:05)

Lies We Tell Ourselves About Perl
Walt Mankowski (12:10)

Improving Perl Modularity with ./
Todd Olson (12:15)

Inline::Files, a LightnIng(y) and Thunder (from down under) Talk
Brian Ingerson and Damian Conway (12:20)

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