Talks that were presented at YAPC 19100

(This is not exactly the same as the list I posted before the conference.)

(Approximate start times) appear in parentheses.

How Perl helped me win the office football pool.
Walt Mankowski (1:32)

One Person's Lexicology is Another's Folk Art
Gene Boggs (1:37)

The Perl Concept Engine
Benjamin Holzman (1:42)

A Day in the Life of p5p
Nathan Torkington (1:47)

Perl Doesn't Scale
Adam Turoff (1:53)

Alzabo: A Perl Data Modelling Tool and RDBMS-OO Mapper
Dave Rolsky (1:58)

Teaching Perl: Undergraduate Seminar
Darin McGill (2:03)

Leon Brocard (2:08)

(Short Break)

Web interface to Napster
Anton Kanafene (2:14)

Shadow Trees, or Six Developers, No Waiting
Joe McMahon (2:19)

BioMolQuest: an integrated biomolecule database and search engine (Link unavailable to most .com domains)
Yury V. Bukhman (2:24)

Autoloaders should inherit on failure.
Michael G Schwern (2:29)

Network Device Backups with Perl and Expect
Steve Snodgrass (2:35)

The Virtual Lighting Lab
Robert Spier (2:40)

An XS Interface to the Appgen Accounting System
Mark W. Schumann (2:45)

What Is It With Those Python Fucks, Anyway?
Nathan Torkington (2:50)

The lightning talks were a big success. There was a big audience, and all the talks were good. We miraculously stayed on schedule throughout. This might not have gone off as well as it did, except that Mr. Daniel V. Klein kindly provided us with a gong, which I rang to signal the end of each speaker's time. Thank you Dan!

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