Lightning Talks and Community Feedback Talks at the 2004 O'Reilly Open Source Convention

Lightning talks are brief (5-minute) talks that focus on a single example, idea, project, or technique. Lightning talks do not attempt to cover all aspects of their subject matter, but rather to present one facet of the idea clearly and succinctly.

A Community Feedback Talk (CFT) is just that: a request to the community for comments and discussion. Typically, the presenter will briefly discuss some software project they have been working on, and perhaps show a demo. CFT sessions will take place in a smaller room than the lightning talks and will not have a hard time limit. Presenters are requested to keep their presentations short so that everyone gets a chance to speak; they should certainly be no more than about seven minutes each.

How to Submit

Lightning Talks

To submit a proposal for a lightning talk, please send your proposed title and an abstract of up to four sentences to

If your submission is recveived, you will receive an email confirmation message within one hour. If you don't receive an email confirmation message, your submission was not received.

Submissions are due by the end of Saturday, June 19 EDT (2004-06-19 0400 UTC). Submitters will be notified by end-of-day Sunday, June 27 as to whether their talks were accepted. If your proposal is accepted, you will be expected to confirm by 30 June that you will give the talk; otherwise, your slot may be given to someone else.

CFT Sessions

You do not need to submit a proposal to speak at an CFT session. We will run the session as a friendly, informal meeting, so just show up prepared to talk. If you would like to send me ( a quick note to let me know what you would like to talk about, that would be fine. If you don't send a note, that's fine too.

More information about CFT sessions.

Submissions are closed.

See you next year.

Tenatative Schedules

A tentative lightning talks schedule should appear here in early July.


More Information about Lightning Talks.

Any questions? Mail me.

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