Perl Lightning Talk schedule for OSC 2003

Submissions are closed.

We will have 16 Perl lightning talks at OSC 2003 in Portland, Oregon.

Here is the tentative schedule. There will probably be last-minute changes. Approximate start times are in parentheses.

Stop using XML everywhere damnit!
Michel Rodriguez (1:47)

The State of Onion
Robert Spier (1:52)

BeeCheck: The Do-It-Yourself Software Solution
Maryjane R. Eldred (1:57)

CPAN: The Next Generation
Autrijus Tang (2:02)

How To Get Hired
Andy Lester (2:08)

The Perl DateTime Project
Dave Rolsky (2:13)

Part-of-speech tagging
Maciej Ceglowski (2:18)

5 Damian Modules in 5 Minutes
Walt Mankowski (2:23)

(Short break)

New Syntax for Links in Pod
Ronald J Kimball (2:29)

Don't Injure Yourself, Use Inline!
Schuyler Erle (2:34)

These are 1% of my favourite CPAN...
Autrijus Tang (2:39)

Test-Driven development
Matthew Heusser (2:44)

Complexity Management Simplified
Piers Cawley (2:50)

Ten great non-O'Reilly books
Andy Lester (2:55)

Implementing the Shell's "select" Loop for Perl
Tim Maher (3:00)

Allison's Restaurant (by Arlo Guthrie)
Allison Randal (3:05)

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