Perl Conference 4.0

Haiku Contest Finalists

This page is only semi-official. The official page has some additional commentary.


First Prize

O'Reilly voucher
VA Linux cube fridge

Second Prize

O'Reilly voucher
ActiveState pack

Third Prize

O'Reilly voucher

Honourable mentions

Perl Mongers Surplus T-shirt

Dishonourable Mention 1

Buttcandle dot com
Are they really serious?
Singed butthairs, much pain!

Annie Nonimous

Dishonourable Mention 2

Hai My Friends
I Want To Know More Information About E-Commerce And Perl Programming Langguage .
Also How To Making Database By Use PERL.

Public Service Announcement 1

The way you pronounce
Jarkko's name is: YAR-KO- HE-


Honourable Mention 1

YAPC lightning talks
show us something cool with Perl...
Gong! Your time is up.

R. Geoffrey Avery

Honourable Mention 2

	use strict;
	 eq'_'?"\n":"$_ "}
	use subs qw(
		dragons hide in words _
		quiet faithful lovers please _
		tender caresses _

	hide dragons in words _
	quiet faithful quiet please _
	tender caresses _

Brad Baxter

Honourable Mention 3

	unshift @pool,$sky,$clouds;
	bless {sleep my $love and study};
	each %willow and carp;

Steve Trigg

Third Place

Lonely Perl widow
DSL keeps company
Come home, Perl Monger!

Perl orphan baby
says "pound bang usr bin perl"
instead of "da da"

Jenine Abarbanel

Second Place

Damian Conway
This haiku may overrun
O! Tempus fugit!
(sed sic addendum cis)

Paul Makepeace

First Place

      	sub summer { my $sum;
	$sum += $_ for @_;
	$sum } print summer (split);

Ronald J Kimball

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