How Regexes Work

How do Perl's regexes work on the inside? Suppose you were going to write a language like Perl, which has regexes, in a language like C, which doesn't? How might you do that?

Note: Although this article purports to describe "How Regexes Work", it describes only one possible technique. In particular, the implementation described does not closely resemble the way Perl's regex implementation works. I apologize for any confusion this has caused.

Special note: If you find this interesting, you might want to consider attending the three-hour Regular Expression Mastery class that I teach at the O'Reilly Perl conference and elsewhere. Full details are available.

Bonus update: The complete slides for my Regular Expression Mastery tutorial are now available on my web site. They are somewhat telegraphic in style, because they are designed to accompany a lecture, and not to stand on their own. However, unlike this article, the slides do describe how the Perl imeplementation of regexes works.

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